Success Stories

Transforming Workers To Winners


The backbone of any organization is the people on the front line. No matter what industry you are in, success depends on engaging and managing the talent and potential of the entire workforce from the bottom to the top.

One individual told me, “I am trying to make sure every step of my day makes sense. Should I die while doing my work, I want to make sure I am doing something that matters.”

Today’s changing work environment has redefined our mental landscape regarding how we play, live, worship, and work. Because of these sweeping changes, the expectations and demands of the workforce are different and demanding.

The workplace of today must place a high priority on talent management. The secret of success is the ability to transform ordinary people into extraordinary. This takes leadership and a special management philosophy. Transform workers to winners by

following the five-step PRIDE model:

P–   Provide a positive working environment

R–   Recognize, reinforce, and reward each individual’s efforts

I-    Involve everyone

D–  Develop the potential of your workforce

E-  Evaluate and measure continuously Provide a Positive Working Environment


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